We have all the time in the world, yet we take it for granted. We put things off thinking we have more time to fix a problem or maybe mend the bonds that have broken. He was there for me when no one else was yet when he needed someone I pushed him away. Blinded by my own grief caused me to lose him too. I thought I had time to make amends with all the demons I caused him. I thought I had enough time to forgive myself for not forgiving him. I trusted him but not as much as he trusted me. I loved him but now he is gone and I am stuck with this guilt stricken heart that just wants to hear him say he forgives me. That he is there. That he won't let me fall. I took advantage of the time I had with him but now I need to cherish the time I have with myself. I can't live like this. I can't make people happy and be depressed. In my own way I am broken. In my own way I am tired of fighting but I need to fight for him. I need to fight for her. I need to fight for them. I need to fight for me. We need to cherish what we have because life is an Indian giver. It gives us something so precious, so beautiful. But then it takes it from our hands and leaves us speechless. Wondering what we did wrong, Cherish the time you have now. Who knows what will happen if you take for granted the time you have now.
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